Is Website Design a Capital Expense?

When it comes to accounting for website development costs, the guidelines are not always clear. It is important to understand the generally accepted accounting principles in the U. S. related to the capitalization of initial costs and the costs of website development.

The creation of a completely new website or the creation of significant new functionality for that website will be included in capital expenditures. Generally, the cost incurred for creating, designing, developing, and programming a website will be treated as a capital asset. This includes the cost of software used to integrate a database with a website. It is also the time when the company can purchase all the hardware needed to support the website. Updates and improvements to the website can be written in capital letters, but only if additional functions are added.

Any subsequent updates you make to the content of the website are considered an expense. Usually, the costs incurred to develop, create, design and program a website will be treated as a capital asset, meaning that they cannot be spent or deducted right away. A website designed for external access can be used for various purposes, such as promoting and advertising the products and services of any company, providing electronic services and selling its related products and services. To determine if website design is a capital expense or a revenue expense, you need to be clear about the terms. In the case of a website, it includes the entire cost of web and software development, graphic design and content development. Professionally designed websites come at a cost, but you can deduct several of the costs of developing the website.

According to International Accounting Standards Board (through IAS 38 and SIC 3), different stages of website creation should have different accounting treatments. The initial planning stage is an expense and is included in the profit and loss account. The creation of the website must be capitalized as an asset in the balance sheet. A website designed and developed with its target market in mind and with content that attracts, engages and delights your customers is an invaluable asset and a powerful tool in the right hands. To determine if a website design is a capital expense or a revenue expense, you must be clear about the terms.

Generally, the cost incurred to create, design, develop and program a website will be treated as a capital asset.

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