Is it Safe to Host a Website from Home?

It's a security risk to run a server on your home network, as it exposes your public IP address to the world. This leaves you vulnerable to malware installation and DDOS attacks that could shut down your Internet connection. But with the right precautions, it is possible to securely host your own website. Using website creation and hosting services is the easiest way to achieve a secure website.

If you're planning to create and host the website yourself, it's still possible, but more difficult. Even large companies like Equifax can be hacked, so it's important to take the necessary security measures. Hosting your own website also means you might miss out on critical server security updates that will leave your website exposed to intruders. Hosting a website from home won't give you the same levels of speed, performance, uptime, or reliability that a professional web host could get with your business connection. But it is possible to keep it secure if you have technical knowledge and are aware of establishing your own security measures.

Self-hosting can be simple and cheap if you have a reliable web hosting provider. Managed hosting limits you on the themes and plugins you can use, while self-hosting gives you more freedom. Traditional desktop machines aren't designed for this workload and will suffer hardware failures much faster than an enterprise server if used to host a website. It's also important to consider that less than a third of all websites use Windows, which means that your hosting options tend to be more limited than those of Linux developers. Nowadays, you can buy mini PCs or build one yourself, or even try to host it from something like Raspberry Pi. It's also important to consider that some ISPs prefer that you buy a business Internet package if you want to host a site from your home connection.

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