Does Website Hosting Impact SEO?

We all know that page speed is a ranking factor. It's still debated how important a factor it is (even though Google says it's a “tiny” factor), but that's not the question here. Some web servers have strange limitations, such as a client I had who was hosted on a platform that didn't give him access to his own htaccess files, with a limit of 1000 redirects when, in theory, they should be unlimited. With CDNs like Akamai and Cloudflare, hosting location matters much less today than it did in the past.

Back in the days of dial-up and T1 lines, this was something we used to talk about a lot. You might be wondering: “Does the change in web hosting affect my ranking on Google?” The answer is often yes. In many cases, switching to a new web host will have an impact on SEO success and the long-term strategy of your website. These effects will be manifested in metric parameters such as organic traffic, lead conversions and brand visibility. If you choose a cheap web hosting company, your website may load slowly for visitors. In addition to generating poor customer experiences, a slow site will be penalized by search engines, causing its ranking in the results to decrease.

Google has specified that the time it takes for a website to load is an important factor it considers when deciding the order in which it displays sites in search engine results. The company you choose to host your website with influences the ranking of your website in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company doesn't guarantee an increase in rankings, but it does mean that you'll avoid the potentially significant consequences of choosing the wrong host. Therefore, you should choose carefully and not base your decision on price alone. Excellent website hosting services have a strong impact on the ranking of search engines.

The right hosting solution improves site performance, improves user experience (UX) and leads to higher search rankings. The reasoning can range from financial causes, dissatisfaction with the current hosting provider, or simply a desire for change. Every business is unique, so your small business website hosting solutions must be tailored to your needs. If you ensure that search engines have all the information they need about the migration changes that are made to your website, they can seamlessly adapt to your new hosting and protect your SEO. You'll need to decide, based on your website's needs, whether you want shared hosting, a virtual private server, a dedicated server, or a scalable cloud-based hosting solution.

First, to reduce the amount of work you need to do to manage your site, you should consider managed web hosting (opens in a new tab).If transitioning to a new host server without adversely affecting your SEO sounds difficult, it's because it is. When creating a website with the best website builder (opens in a new tab) and when choosing the best web hosting services (opens in a new tab), it's worth remembering that most of your site's traffic will come from searches through engines like Google, and SEO (opens in a new tab) is a term that groups together the steps that can help you improve your ranking. The geographical location of the new hosting provider is of utmost importance; if the location of the new web hosting server is not in the same country as your website, you'll end up losing traffic to the website. If your web host processes these DNS searches slowly, it will take longer for the web browser to find the right server from which to request content. Changes to the DNS must be carefully managed to ensure that the domain name is successfully transferred to the new hosting location, which will go a long way in ensuring that search engines can easily crawl your website in its new location.

Of course, everyone expects that their move to a different web hosting company will have a positive impact on their site's SEO or its visibility on search engines. Paying month-to-month instead of 1 year or even 3 years upfront means that as soon as a hosting company abandons its standards, you can move your site to another. With this in mind, it shouldn't surprise us that getting the best website hosting has a significant impact on your SEO strategy and performance. The hallmark of a successful change in website hosting companies is keeping the switch invisible to users of your site.

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